March 9, 2011


Yes that’s right, I’m here! I know it’s shocking… we’ve been MIA for a while as there was a lull in the project, everyone got really busy and things died down. But we’re back! SO LET’S GET THIS JOINT JUMPIN’!

Everyone who’s sent in a request to join the house has been added :) If your name isn’t on the list then it’s because your ask box wasn’t open, so please open it and send in your request again :)

All of the points have been added up too! Don’t forget to send a message if you buy some merchandise, receive a tweet or comment on a video!

And don’t forget about this week’s challenge!




What’s one of the BEST things about Tumblr? Graphics, of course! Let your talent shine by participating in the fourth Sons of Admirals and the Tumblr Fangirls Project challenge: Graphics Week!

See? Alex is excited! Let’s read on to find out more about this exciting new challenge!


How Does It Work?

Each member is invited to take the time to design their own Sons of Admirals themed graphics and show them off by posting them to Tumblr!

Do The Graphics Need To Be About A Specific Admiral?

Nope. If you only want to make Tom graphics, that’s fine. If you only want to make Cherimon things, that’s cool too. You don’t even have to be in Milsom to make only Tom things. Any and all are accepted.

Does It Have To Be A Photo Or Can It Be Anything?

Anything! .gif, photo, wallpaper…whatever you’d like! :)

Do I Get Points For Every Graphic I Make?

No. This is based on participation. It doesn’t matter if you make one or four. We will count you as a participant no matter what.

Can The Graphics Support My House/Count For House Graphics?

No. House graphics are a totally separate area and that part of the project will continue during graphics week. The graphics you make for this challenge can NOT mention your house.

Uhm…what if I’m don’t know photoshop/aren’t good at this sort of thing?

You don’t have to be! You aren’t judged by the quality of your graphic. This is effort based. The whole point, and the point of the project, is to endorse the admirals and have FUN! If you don’t have a program to use, try using Picnik or Lunapic. Those are free online photo editors where you can add text, borders, and may other cool things! They’re so easy a monkey could use them, so don’t worry if you’re inexperienced.

So I posted my graphic. What now?

As always, send the link of your graphic to your prefects at your house’s official Tumblr  by Sunday, March 13th at Midnight CST. (Just to clarify—this is technically Monday morning.) Remember to only send it ONCE so your prefects don’t get confused/overwhelmed.

Any and all questions can be sent to the official project Tumblr’s ask box. Thank you and good luck! :)

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PROJECT “SUGGESTION BOX”: What challenges would you like to do?


Okay…so…you guys don’t like the idea of Graphics Week. Cool story.

Then what weekly challenges would you guys like to partake in?

What point earners do you want us to add?

Seriously though…here’s your chance to let us know how we can make the project more enjoyable for you guys!

If you have something to say, PLEASE say it now so I can get productive tonight! Thank you! :)

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February 14, 2011

My binder cover! :D The words are the lyrics to “Here Comes My Baby”.

Cool. :)


My binder cover! :D The words are the lyrics to “Here Comes My Baby”.

Cool. :)

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Gif Story Challenge


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away… I was doing this.

when I suddenly realized that IT WAS VALENTINE’S DAY the next day and I had forgotten to get something for my tumblr valentine!

I freaked out like a crazy chicken until I realized… I had no tumblr valentine.

I contemplated over my sad and lonely life for a few seconds… until my best friend called me and asked me whether we could have a pizza party the next day.

“HELL YES!” I screamed with delight. I also hi-fived her over the phone because I’m awesome like that.

The next day… I went to her house and we watched This Shore by Tom Milsom together.

But that was when I realized… NONE OF MY FRIENDS KNEW TOM MILSOM.

It was all a dream. FIN.

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February 13, 2011

Tumblr with Reema, Charlie edition


When Reema likes something of mine:

When Reema reblogs me with something witty written:

When Reema stalks my Tumblr and sends me messages:

When Reema starts to follow me:

And when I realise we have a lot in common:

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Never mind. I worked it out.

Person who sent in that last submission, please message me. I posted it and forgot to get your name and now it isn’t showing me who submitted it. Thanks.


So, today i woke up to find my mother telling me we were going to the mall. I dont like shopping, so i wasn’t too excited.


So we were driving all quiet-like, and all of a sudden a squirell comes out into the middle of the road and we were like,

But thankfully we didn’t hit it. Anyways, we finally pulled up to the mall. And then i found a grad dress that I ACTUALLY LIKED.

AND THEN i got a text from my friend saying she was in the same mall and we should meet up, and i was like….PLEASE DEAR GOD YES.

And then-together-we had fun and gossiped about guys & i was happy.

It was a ton of fun.

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